Chronic disease prevention and management in central coastal CA


I saw a 42 year old man in the office today who kinda thought he had diabetes. His chart said so, he was told by a physician previously that he had it. His numbers were wnderful including an A1c of 5.6%, essentially normal level for a non-diabetic person. When we started to talk about fingerstick checks, he told me he didn’t check often because his glucose numbers we so good, between 105 and 130 after meals. Great yet curious. Upon closer chart review, including notes from his prior physician, the highest fasting blood sugar I could find was 115mg/dl. Elevated level but not diabetes. His family history included diabetes Type 2, and Jose Juan’s BMI was 27 (overweight). The more we talked the more it became clear that he was given the diabetes diagnosis too early. The early diagnosis had prompted nice weight loss and good exercise habits. As he saw me poring thru his old records, we both realized his previous doc may have told him he had diabetes to stimulates this better behavior, or perhaps he had misunderstood. His true diagnosis was probably, impaired fasting glucose or “prediabetes”. In any case we talked about the importance of preventing full-blown diabetes thru weight control. I agreed that he could perform less fingertip testing, and I credited him with his weight loss success. Interesting case, although it took alot of time to sort, I was happy to have had his previous physician’s notes for review and sharing with Jose. The above link talks about ways prevent the transition from “prediabetes” to diabetes.
Preventing Diabetes


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