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HCC Adolescent Wellness Interns’ Week 3

Our Health Care Connections Adolescent Wellness interns just finished their third week, and the service learning continues. The highlights this week included a chance to reach and educate in the berry fields of Reiter Farms off of River Road. The interns also participated in a Population Health webinar about modern management of community data. Remember you can still donate, tax-deductibly, to this great cause at https://www.gofundme.com/hccadolescent-wellness-intern As well, The Natividad Medical Foundation is also recipient at Amazon Smile – https://smile.amazon.com where online purchases at Amazon Smile can help fund this and many other important projects. Thanks so much Juan ChavezStephanie SalesWayne MartinNicholas SassonJusto Minerva Perez LopezTerrill Jane Keeler LMFTDeb Fredell-GonzalezMary DuanKatharine RichmanSteve Blough and Walter MillsEric ParsonsEric SanfordAna Abril AriasWendell HarryEloy RomeroVictoria L. P-WilliamsVictor Hugo DelgadoJeanette CisnerosAntonio VelascoJames LewEdward CastroJay W. LeePenelope VelazquezCraig A. WallsJaime GonzálezJennifer KellyGretchen StoneChristina ZaroMichelle QuiogueMichael Sepúlveda and all other and future donors! If you make it all the way to the end here, please share this post on Facebook, twitter, etc…  #healthequity


DiversityRx – Website devoted to better healthcare communication…Enjoy!


Summary of important primary care articles for 2010 from Journal Watch

I was reviewing my many electronic data inputs recently and found this nice summary (link at end of post). Wonderfully concise report by way of a nice, neighborly fifteen minute podcast discussion between medical columnist Joe Elia and Dr. Danielle Scheurer, from Medical College of South Carolina in Columbia. The final three articles about informed consent and health “quality” in the U.S. are interelated, in my opinion.

http://www.podcasts.jwatch.org/index.php/podcast-111-a-look-back-on-2010/2010/12/17/ Read more…

Cultural Competency:The Importance of Relationships in the Case of Gabriela Rivera

The Importance of Relationships in the Case of Gabriela Rivera

By John Silva

This case represents an increasingly common scenario in U.S. health care settings as many more immigrants from other cultures are surviving to the age of chronic illness. Divergent attitudes toward mortality may come between these patients (and their families) and medical personnel who treat them, without either side having a good sense of how to relate to the other.

See full case at    http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/focusareas/medical/culturally-competent-care/chronic-to-critical-silva.html

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