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Cultural Competency, Self awareness: What up with our white coats?

From medical blogger Ellen Schattner, M.D. Consider a physician’s attire as a mode of non-verbal communication.

We physi­cians might make assump­tions about what patients want us to look like, but what does the evi­dence say?

A cross-sectional survey in Tennessee a few years ago found that patients prefer family physi­cians who wear white coats (1). Another study in a South Carolina internal med­icine office found that patients “over­whelm­ingly” pre­ferred physi­cians in white coats (2). A Northeast Ohio OB res­i­dency found sim­i­larly; patients pre­ferred a white coat and pro­fes­sional dress to scrubs (3). A quick PubMed search pulls up the same theme over and over: the patients studied have more trust in, and comfort with, physi­cians who wear white coats…



Code for compassion?

This link comes from Paul Levy, a NEJM blogger and former hospital administrator, who wonders why not compassion anymore? This url leads to blogentry that attempts to explain why not and is followed by a robust comments section.


Culture of Medicine: Compassion

In this post, Wendy Harpham, a medical blogger, physician, cancer survivor and mother of three speaks to doctors’ socialization to sometimes be dispassionate. I have wondered often why we physicians are not required to undergo counselling as part of out training, as psychologic counsellors do. If we did, I believe a lot less harm would be done.


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